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Products Feature

  • Internal coating Technology

    Corrosion is the primary cause of malfunctions in heating systems. Also, Water as a precious fluid; always cause corrosion as it might contain wide Ph range and other corrosive chemical composition. Furthermore, water can form Hydrogen gas in the aluminum radiators and heating systems and decrease the thermal efficiency. To stop corrosion even before it starts and to prevent the formation of hydrogen gas, Anit has developed a technology called internal coating system to protect the radiator water chamber and increase the life time of the radiators.


    Anit offers non-competitive wide range of radiators between all the manufacturers of domestic radiators in Iran. The varieties that we offer to our customers is not only about the design and shape of our products but also covers the Price, thermal efficiency and customized sizes in order to satisfy customers in the best possible ways and having unique solutions for their demands . Our customers have variety of choices to select from such as: Panel Radiators with different thermal efficiency and wide range of prices.

  • Stop leakage

    The fittings of extruded aluminium radiators need to be sealed perfectly in order to prevent the leakage and extend their life time cycle. Unfortunately, most of the extruded aluminium radiators have got leakage problem that normally comes from choosing inappropriate materials, design and shape of fittings that used in radiators and also the way that they assembled.At Anit , we use Aluminium CNC fittings in order to maximize the sealing and stop leakage . Also, each radiator passes very tough leakage tests at the end of the production line with 14 bars just to make sure that we produce highly trusted products.

  • Elegance Design

    We believe that the radiator is the best home heating system available in the market in terms of comfort and pleasant warmness that gives to our home, also other advantages of this product such as its affordable price, efficiency, recyclability … make it the product of choice. So, based on this reasons we decided to develop new ideas to turn the shape of the radiators more elegant and stylish. After spending couple of year’s researches, we introduce elegant radiators to the market.

  • Extrusion technology

    Compared to cast iron and stainless steel, aluminium is a super conductor. So one of the great things about our Radiator is its responsiveness and the control that gives users. Aluminium is a good conductor of heat, and in relation to its weight, is almost twice as good a conductor as copper. These properties make aluminium the material of choice to achieve energy efficient systems for heat transmission systems. As we use pure aluminium (99.97 %) our radiators have more thermal efficiency compare to other radiators in the market.

  • Creativity and Innovation

    Anit is the most innovative and creative domestic radiator manufacturer between all the producers of radiators in Iran. All of our radiators designed, patented and tested by Anit smart design studio which is comprised of innovative designers and creative scientists and engineers. All of our models mass produced after passing rigorous standards of design and production in order to obtain the 100 % customer satisfaction and produce a reliable product.

Anit News

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  • Anit is the only manufacturer of High efficient aluminium radiator with Grade ‘’A’’ in energy consumption.

    Anit is the only manufacturer of High efficient aluminium radiator with Grade ‘’A’’ in energy consumption.

    Anit Company received the certificate of standard from the Iranian Standard Organization for producing radiator with “A” Energy consumption level. 


Anit Radiator in world class

All of our radiators designed and produced under rigorous standards and direct observation of Special representative of Energy Globe and expert international engineers under license of I2T design in UK. We try hard to produce a high quality world class product with potentiality to be sold globally.