Anit Technology

Energy E ffi cient Product. ‘’ More Heat, Less Cost ’’

A++ Efficiency

Never let it be said that good design is at the expense of efficiency! Anit Radiator proves that you can retain stunning designer looks whilst maximising output and with total safety. As energy bills rise, finding efficient and effective ways of heating a space is becoming increasingly important. Anit produce highest energy efficient radiators in the market. Our products are designed to provide maximum amounts of heat from the smallest amount of energy. Anit radiators heat up much quicker whilst using less water, equalling a more cost effective, energy efficient and eco-friendly radiator.

Uniform Heating Technology

Uniform Heating Technology

Having different temperature in the external body of radiator is one of the biggest problems in domestic radiators (especially those one with average and high water content) that could be caused by low water flow of heating system. At Anit we have developed an innovative technology to create uniform heating through the whole body. The radiators produced by using this technology could have highest compatibility with thermostatic valves and the long width of radiator would not cause problem of dropping temperature any more.

Anti-Corrosion Technology

Anti-Corrosion Technology

Corrosion is the primary cause of malfunctions in heating systems. Also, Water as a precious fluid; can cause corrosion as it might contain wide PH range and other corrosive chemical composition. Furthermore, water can form Hydrogen gas in the conventional aluminum radiators and heating systems. To stop corrosion even before it starts Anit has developed a technology called internal coating system to protect the radiator water chamber and increase the life time of the radiators.

Anti-corrosion Technology

Highest Compatibility with Thermostatic Valves

The thermostatic valves are widely used now to control the gas consumption, but one of the main conditions for using this technology is the compatibility rate of the radiators. The low rate of reaction time of steel and die cast radiators Reduces the efficiency of the thermostatic valves and it would not be beneficial to use them. Anit developed a technology at its research and development department to increase the reaction time of the radiator in order to maximize the efficiency of thermostatic valves. Fortunately, our products have the highest compatibility with the thermostatic valves.

High resistance to excess pressure up to 120 bar

High Resistance to Excess Pressure up to 120 bar

At Anit, we regard safety and quality to be every bit as important as performance. Accordingly, we apply the industry’s most technically rigorous tests to our products. all of our radiators are produced and tested in line with BS EN 442 Standard Specification for radiators and convectors. however, to ensure they perform safely and reliably at all times, we set the standards as high as possible. Anit’s radiators have high resistance to excess pressure up to 120 bar and each of them pass a pressure test of 14 bar to ensure that they will able to properly full fil their long term function - some 40% higher than other UK manufacturers.

Micro fin tech

Micro Fin Technology

In order to maximize the thermal output of radiator, our R&D department developed a technology called ‘’Micro Fin’’ that could increase the surface area of each column. Surface area determines the maximum heat output capacity of a radiator. The larger the surface area, the higher the potential heat output. Surface area will be greatly increased by fins and the special shape of columns. The design of each column of Anit radiators is tubular shape with micro fins that offer a lot more surface area than a flat panel design without fins as the heat can be emitted from both the outside and the inside of the tubes of each columns and generate more thermal output.