Anit decorative radiators
Anit decorative radiators

Anit, the manufacturer of a new generation of home-made radiators

Saving energy is the most important value to us.
We try hard and invest so much money at our R&D department to develop our product features somehow to maximize the rate of saving energy. At the moment our product is the leader in the Iranian market in the energy consumption grade. We also design new radiator to have the maximum e ciency with the solar panels and we use the solar energy to heat up our radiators. This feature make our product more attractive in International market as the price of energy is going up.
Producing high quality products is our priority and value for us.
All of our radiators designed and produced under rigorous standards and direct observation of Special representative of energy Globe and expert international engineers. All of our products are produced based on the euro standards (Euro norm 442) and we have the CE Certificate as well , so we would be able to sell our products in the Europe at the moment.
green product
Respecting to the environment and producing a green product with no added pollution to the environment is valuable to us and we try hard to design the products and the production line somehow to have less possible carbon footprint and pollution. Based on this reason we use the pure aluminium and other row materials with the ability to be recycled 100%. This feature is too important for a product that is sold in the Europe as well .
shape and design
The shape and design of final product is very important for us and we try hard to consider the customer’s demands and expectations on our final products. Having competitive and a ordable price is one of our priorities as well and by getting advantages from lean production system we try to produce high quality products with more added values compare to competitors with less price.